Alexander Technique on the Sunshine Coast

The Alexander Technique gets body & mind working together to unlearn old postural habits, solve movement problems & improve balance & coordination. Learning the Technique can help you to move with more ease and efficiency during daily activity.

Back Pain

The Alexander Technique has been proved to be `most effective at reducing back pain’. After only 6 lessons of Alexander Technique, chronic back pain sufferers experienced long
term improvement (British Medical Journal 2008).

Music Performance

“The music will change the way I am using myself
and the way I'm using myself will change the music.”

Jeremy Woolhouse, 2006
The Technique has long been favored by performing artists as an
intelligent mind-body method for improving performance &
helping to reduce bodily strain which often leads to RSI.

A woman’s body is designed to birth and care for a baby. How much easier that can be when you learn how to use your self based on your body’s natural design. Study of the Alexander Technique helps to meet the challenges of a shifting center of gravity pregnancy, birth and recovery.


The Alexander Technique is taught on a one to one basis
Sessions cost:
$60 for 45 mins
$70 for 1 hour

Inquiries for Alexander Technique Lessons:

Please contact:

Julia Leinweber
(AUSTAT recognised A.T. Teacher, Master of Public Health, BSc Midwifery)

Phone: 07 54728450

Mobile: 0435257846

News: British Study shows long term benefits of Alexander Technique in the treatment of lower back pain

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